Israel and the Hezbos

Just a quick thought today.

I wish people would quit whining about Israel defending itself.  The fact of the matter is that the Hezbos started this whole incident by killing and kidnapping Israelis.  They’ve been a vicious terrorist organization which has killed, tortured and kidnapped as SOP.  The islamofascists continue to lob missiles into civilian areas of Israel where, unlike Hezbollah doctrine, no offensive weapons exists .  Hezbollah, in the meantime, has intentionally placed and launched its weapons near civilian areas.  An editorial cartoon in a local paper an excellent depiction of what I mean (see below).  Of course, the vast majority of the media blindly laps up the Hezbollah propaganda when Israel hits their emplacements.

Face it, Israel is doing us a favor by taking these terrorists out.  The Hezbos have already stated they plan on targeting Americans (and the west, in general).  Note, that is not a change in their policies, just a reiteration.  Lets not forget the USMC and French paratrooper barracks in Beirut in 1983.  Additionally, getting rid of Hezbollah could provide for a truly free Lebanon.

In my opinion it is critical that Israel be allowed to finish the job.  Otherwise, no matter how bloodied it is, Hezbollah will claim victory and, frankly, score a significant political and propaganda victory.  Unfortunately, Hezbollah can count on the main stream media to guaranty such a victory, should Israel pull back.  Such a victory would only increase the terror threat to the world.

“Hezbollah In Hiding”

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