Ignoring illegal immigration

I took a look at the SL Trib today and right on the front page was a Democrat (Rep. Karen Morgan) pushing for a repeal of the Utah’s instate tuition program for illegal immigrants.  The article further states that Rep. Morgan would like to see Utah adopt Colorado’s recent reforms to curb the impact illegal immigrants have on the state.  Frankly, I’ve been told that Rep. Morgan is actually a pretty good legislator.  So, first of all, Thank you Rep. Morgan!  Second, thank you Colorado (and Gov. Bill Owens) for providing the example!

This article, however, brings to light an important issue.  Republicans (both in the State Legislature and the US Senate), better wake up.  Democrats (although not many) are getting the hint on immigration reform.  Conservative Democrats could certainly pose a serious challenge to Republicans who consider themselves safe.  At the state level, we’ve been warning Republican legislators about the immigration issue for years.  They, for the most part, have not listened and it looks like it may cost them.  For example, as I understand it, Rep. Morgan is within reach in her race.  In light of her stance on immigration, I’m pretty confident she’ll beat the Republican.  I’ll go further, as a conservative, I would be more than happy to vote for a conservative Democrat (especially one ready to take on illegal immigration) over a weak-kneed RINO, which we have plenty of in Utah.

Last year, a good piece of legislation came up.  It would require employers to verify the social security number (using free ICE and Social Sec. Admin programs) of those they employed to stop ID theft.  While I’m uncertain of the statistics, it could have help law enforcement capture fugitives or anyone else wanting to hid their identity when obtaining a job.  Sounds great, right?  Well, the program’s effect would also stop illegal immigrants from getting certain jobs (they need forged/stolen SSN’s to get the job).  The Hispanic lobby and  businesses which cater/support the illegals threw a fit.  The ‘race card’ was played and, unlike Colorado, our Republican dominated legislature turned tail and ran.

In the end, I don’t know if Rep. Morgan would have lost without taking this stance, but the Republicans can probably forget gaining this seat in next year’s legislative session.

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