Return of the Skate Park

They’re baaaack.

The Bountiful City Council is apparently going to make another special interest group happy and spend everyone else’s money on a pet project.   The project, this time, is a skate park.

As expected Councilman Pitt is leading the charge.  It seems totally impossible for him (or the council) to say ‘no’ to anyone (especially if they persistently whine).  An  August 10th article states:

After a number of weeks of uncertainty — even among members of the Bountiful City Council — it looks like the council is still committed to building a skate park. Only the big question now is, “Where?”
So it looks like it is a done deal and peoples hard earned tax money will be used for another dubious “quality of life” issue which will benefit the few at the cost of the many.

In the same paper the above article was it, there was, additionally a letter to the editor from a kid (I hope) whining that the city lied and didn’t build his skate park.  After bleating for several paragraphs, Keith concludes:

I am tired of the hassle of making trips out to Park city, Sugarhouse, Layton, or Clearfield to use their excellent skate parks. I want Bountiful city to make good on their word, and build a great skate park, without waiting until I am 50 years old and am too old to use it.

Well Keith, if it is so important, why didn’t you and your group start fund raising instead of taking all that time getting the city council to blow money taken from low-income families, the elderly, the disabled and the vast majority of hard working families who will never use your precious park?

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