A Victimless Crime

Here’s yet another example of a benefit of illegal immigration which the Senate would like to ignore. The story is from NBC4 in DC:

Police have arrested men accused of selling fake identification to illegal immigrants in the Prince William County.

Investigators said Carlos Lopez, Mario Peralto Alatorre and Jovani Hernandez Garcia used the Prince William Plaza shopping center in Woodbridge as a front. Police said the men sold IDs out of their car to anyone with cash.

“I can tell just by looking at all the financial records that we’ve seized that it’s a long-term operation that they’ve been doing,” said Detective Brian Wing of the Prince William County Police Department.

Investigators seized evidence including state and international I.D. cards, Social Security cards and other types of fake identification, News4 reported.


the investigation into whether there are more suspects and how many fake IDs are on the street continues.”As far as the operation goes, it was a fairly decent sized operation. We haven’t had one of this proportion in Prince William County before,” Wing said.

The fake I.D. ring was so big that county police are asking the U.S. attorney general’s office to make it a federal case, News4 reported.
A Potomac News article stated that over 1,000 false documents had been made.

What both articles failed to determine or mention is how many of the Social Security numbers (that were found) belonged to someone. We also, at this time, don’t know if this forged document gang had been actively stealing SSNs etc.

According to the head of the Social Security Admin in Utah, about half the SSNs have been allocated. As a result, even if this gang was nice enough just to place random numbers on the cards, there is a 50% probability it belonged to someone. He also stated that illegals are just “decimating” (his word not mine) the SSN system (ie many are having their SSN used by someone else).

The Utah Attorney General among others has noted that children’s SSNs are the most sought after by ID thieves simply because mom and dad don’t think about looking at their credit reports etc. In a press release, the AG noted:

Investigators checked Utah state records [children enrolled in state medicaid only] and found that approximately 1,800 social security numbers, belonging to children under 13, may have been compromised.
In theory, with a child’s SSN you can likely get at least a decade of use without worrying about someone catching on.

The problem the occurs when Francois, Jiang, Julio, or Karl take the fake SSN (assuming the number has been assigned) to get work. Now, they too are felons and the felonies increase with every form they sign/verify a work document with that number. Note, too, that the same SSN may have been given to all four workers – this is often the case.

After a few years Francois etc. buy a home, get credit, and settle down. One or more of the workers also failed to make a couple of payments resulting in a lowered credit rating. Well, guess who will have to deal with it… It will be Frank in Utah or his two year old son Jeff. For Jeff, it will be worse. Jeff may want to go to the state University but needs a student loan. He doesn’t get the loan because his credit is bad. However, lets say Jeff doesn’t need the loan. At school he might want internet access. The ISP also runs a check and denies him an account due to his credit.

Then again, Jeff might be lucky and have some creditors come to his door while he’s still two asking him to pay up. At least mom and dad could start the very long and tedious process of clearing his credit etc.

Unfortunately, in Utah both scenarios have occurred. A two year old received nasty letters from debt collectors (the illegal immigrant was caught and deported) and a State Legislator’s son was denied internet access (I believe the illegal immigrant was caught in this instance as well). It is unknown, however, how many times this has occurred or how many will be faced with the same problem as their children get older and need that clean credit they should have.

In the meantime, the US Senate is happy to grant amnesty to all those who’ve committed ID theft and document fraud while happily leaving you and your children to clean up the mess.


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