Secure Fence Act

FWIW, the Senate may vote on the Secure Fence Act of 2006 (HR 6061) today.  Currently, there is some floor debate going on and Sen. Jeff Sessions pointed out the shell game some in the Senate are playing with the bill (ie. there is no funding attached to the bill).

Unfortunately, this is nothing new for our weak willed Senate.  They want to go home (remember this is an election year) and tell everyone they supported <insert issue here> so many are demanding.  They will, however, be certain not to mention that there is no funding was allocated, effectively nullifying the bill.

NOW would be a very good time to contact your Senators and politely, yet firmly, ask them to support HR 6061 AND make sure funding is attached to the legislation.

Additionally, it would be nice to contact your Representative to thank them for voting for HR 6061 (or ask for an explanation if they opposed the bill).  Click here for a listing of how each Representative voted.

Finally, note that this bill transcends immigration, more importantly, helps us better secure our country from those who wish to harm us (let’s face it the US-Mexico border is not a secure area).  Tougher yet, however, we also need to figure out how to better handle the Canadian border as well.  This may be promising (again, forget the illegal immigration stuff – this technology may offer progress for securing both borders): Boeing may help catch illegal immigrants.


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