Of Pedophiles, Fugitives, and Social Security

Last year, the Utah State Legislature refused to pass a bill that would require itself and businesses to verify the Social Security Number (SSN) of prospective employees. This would’ve been achieved at no cost as there are Federal Government (ICE and the Social Security Admin) databases available at no charge.

What does this have to do with fugitives and pedophiles?! The articles below demonstrate how helpful it can be for business owners etc. to check SSNs:

Child pornographer wanted since 2001 caught in Salt Lake City

A man wanted since 2001 for sex offenses in Iowa was arrested in Utah after a suspicious landlord doubted his Social Security number and called the FBI, authorities said Wednesday.

Kirk Swearingen, 45, likely won’t be returning to the Midwest. He was indicted on charges of receiving and possessing child pornography after agents examined compact discs in his computer case.<snip>

After riding an Amtrak train to Salt Lake City from California on Sept. 15, he attempted to rent an apartment under a different name and supplied a Social Security number that actually belonged to a 91-year-old man, FBI agent Jeff Ross said in a court document. The landlord called the FBI. Agents interviewed Swearingen and caught him in a series of lies about his name, date of birth and Social Security number, Ross said. <snip>

‘King Of Child Porn’ Busted On Arrival In Utah
<snip>“We could have been targets for this animal,” John Daley told 2News. “We are nice people. We would have let him into our lives. He could have abused our children too.”

The idea that Swearingen could have set up shop in Salt Lake City is painful for authorities to think about.

“He is one of the worst possible predators,” said Brett Tolman of the U.S Attorney’s office. “He’s very aware of what he’s doing. And he’s systematic.”

“We are concerned that he’s traveling throughout the country, either possibly molesting children… or being involved in production or distribution of child pornography,” Patrick Kiernan of the FBI told 2News.

“I got butterflies thinking about how close of a bullet we dodged,” John Daley added.

Investigators say they have found several CDs in Swearingen’s possession that contain child pornography. The suspect reportedly has used more than 30 aliases over the years, and officials say he was very good at deceiving people.

The FBI says at the current time, it is unclear exactly how many crimes Swearingen may have committed across the country – but he has previously been arrested in Colorado, South Dakota and New Mexico.The bill would have given businesses, the state, and law enforcement the ability to catch, or at least deny employment to identity thieves.<snip>

Well done landlords! Thank goodness they were verifying potential tenants’ SSNs!

So why didn’t the legislature pass the bill to help us catch dirt bags like this pervert among other fugitives? The illegal immigrant lobby came out calling anyone who supported the bill racists (the bill would also result in illegal immigrants not being able to get jobs as they use false SSNs) and businesses (including the banks) had a fit – even though the programs are free it would ‘cost them too much’ (my opinion: they couldn’t hire or give loans to illegal immigrants). Nevermind that this would protect Utah’s children who’s identities are the most sought (see my previous entry on this subject), nor the fact that id thieves (including fugitives) would be caught. Also ignore the fact that SSN verification would protect us and our children from the likes of Mr. Swearingen.

The opposition essentially kept it easy for fugitives to live and work in Utah.

I don’t know if the bill will come up again next year. I hope it does, but who knows what will happen…I’m guessing the same opposition will crush it.

Whatever the case, this creep is known to have been in five states now. As a truck driver, I would assume he probably worked in more. It’s scary to think of how many more victims (including in other states) may be found.


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