Isamofascist Surrender Group

After the coverage of the asinine ISG, I was furious by the end of the day. Fortunately, a more articulate voice than I has responded.

You may have already heard of him and his comments, if not, this is a must read:

Sgt. T.F. Boggs – What we should and should not do: An Authoritative Voice…

One of the most telling events yesterday was when a Jonathan Karl asked why the ISG:

I understand you went to Iraq once. With the exception of Senator Robb, none of you made it out of the green zone. Why should he give your recommendations any more weight than what he’s hearing from his commanders on the ground in Iraq?”

Karl was met with a long silence before someone in the ISG could come up with some kind of defense. I guess the ISG never thought of talking to the military commanders and NCOs actually fighting the war.

One of the greatest problems we face is our lack of patience. This isn’t limited to Iraq. The good news is that we are winning the war on terror, the bad news is that we are just starting. While many seem to think of this in terms of years, this war will be fought for decades.

Patience doesn’t mean not adapting to changing situations. In Iraq and Afghanistan, we’re doing so, and I trust those in the field much more than a bunch of impatient Washington DC bureaucrats wishing to trust the very nations destabilizing Iraq.

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