Casualty figures a shameful means of manipulation

I found this article and consider it a must read as it brings up several point many of us have been trying to make regarding the left’s and the media’s ghoulish infatuation with US casualties:

Beyond the DropZone: Casualty figures a shameful means of manipulation

There are other battles that come to mind as ‘flawed’ to say the least:

Hurtgen Forest
DDay (Normandy)
-Omaha Beach – poor intel stated a non-German (conscripts) were responsible for the area along with a poor aerial prep bombardment. The airborne drops were also a mess.
Operation Market Garden

These are just a few that came to mind when I thought about WWII Europe.
To their credit, US Soldiers performed admirably in all instances I mentioned turning bad situations into victories.

One big difference is that the media didn’t try to undermine the troops moral by constantly second guessing their actions and counting their dead brothers.


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