A bit of spine?

Thank you Sen. McConnell!  It appears the GOP finally stood up and showed a bit of spine when the hurtful anti-Iraq war resolutions were slapped down by filibuster.

A couple of notable exceptions: Norm Coleman (R-MN) and Susan Collins (R-ME).  It’s disappointing to see them side with politics over victory.

On the other hand, thanks to Sen. Lieberman (ID-CT) who continues to be a dedicated supporter of our troops and the war effort (and ultimate victory).

Click here for the list of votes.

Special Note: Don’t be fooled – Sen Reid (D-NV) only voted ‘nay’ as a proceedural manuveur which allows those casting opposing votes to bring the bill/subject back up at a latter time (in other words, Reid can bring this up mess up again).  Reid is firmly in the politics above victory camp.

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