Focus on victims of illegal immigration

This is a day old now but worth a read (it does a good job of showing who the media, and its allies, give priority and who they forget about when it comes to “compassion”):

Focus on Victims of Illegal Immigration – Op-ed in the Deseret News (2/12/07)

This is another response to the editorial I blogged about in Preemptive Race Baiting.

I should have followed the responses better, as I believe there was another op-ed and several letters to the editor taking the Deseret News to task for their vitriolic editorial. If I can find the other op-ed and letters, I’ll post links as comments to this post:

Here are the links:

News out of touch with readers (this is the other op-ed that responded to the paper’s editorial)

Editorial smacks of elitism (letter to editor)

Opposing illegals isn’t racism (letter to editor)

The original editorial (Don’t kill tuition break)


2 thoughts on “Focus on victims of illegal immigration

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