The Victimless Crime – More Data

I was passed a report authored (I think) by State Rep. Morgan (D). I’ve transcribed it below.

I’m not sure when this report was distributed (I know it was some time within the last month) but it reflects my statements and concerns I’ve raised in previous posts (specifically regarding Illegal immigration and ID theft):

[Begin report]

SSN Count of Different Last Names in Wage File

  • This report is a sample of wages reported to the Department of Workforce (DWS) Services by Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Approximately 978 name appear using three or more different last names.
    • In one case, 37 people are using one social security number
    • Another has 27 people using the number, another 25 people, another 24 people, and two other numbers by 20 people, etc

Sample of wages reported to DWS on Children (age <12)

  • This report is a sample of wages reported to the DWS under SSNs of children under age 12.
  • In the first quarter of 2006 there were 606 children under age 12 with wages reported under their social security numbers.
  • 1626 employers reported paying wages to social security numbers belonging to children 12 and under during the 4th quarter of 2005.
    • Many of these “children” had multiple employers during that period of time.

[End Morgan Report]

Remember, the above figures (as I understand it) are only a sample population. I think the first list was from folks on unemployment or state assistance. The second list is from children on state (medical?) assistance. If these samples are, indeed, representative of the general population, it is shocking.

I wonder, once you extrapolate these figures into Utah’s populace, how many people have had their SSNs stolen (or worse, their children’s)! The numbers, for each group, would run in the tens of thousands.

I have the raw figures and one ‘child’ managed to make $36,000 in one quarter! Most made $9,000 in the quarter. The stolen numbers could be more devastating to children. Not only will they have to spend the large amount of time to clear their credit history, but if they aren’t made aware of their ID being compromised, the effects could come at a critical time. If they applied for a Pell Grant or scholarships dependant on income levels, they would be rejected and not have enough time to clear things up prior to the school year.

Finally, I have the raw figures. If anyone is interested in seeing them, just place a request in a comment and I will consider posting the figures (otherwise the transcription is just too tedious to be worth the time).

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