ID Theives and Fugitives: Utah Welcomes You!

The State Legislature and several businesses in Utah do not care whatsoever about fugitives (including fugitive pedophiles) working in this state. Additionally, it is perfectly fine for these fugitives and a multitude of other criminals to take and use your or your child’s identity (SSN, in particular) to find work. Frankly, the state and businesses made them feel more welcome to live here.

How so, you ask?

They don’t want to use the Federal Gov’s free, rapid results (we’re talking MINUTES) program to make sure a new hire isn’t using your SSN. Yesterday, the House Business and Labor Committee (Chaired by Rep. Stephen D. Clark), again, held up HB 127 – Employee Verification, Procurement, and Incentives. The Chair, in particular, as well as several committee members (including heavy lobbying efforts by businesses) want to hold up the bill until there just isn’t enough time to act on it.

The act is simple. It asked state government to require itself and its contractors to take a few minutes to make sure Bubba Jones wasn’t using your daughter’s SSN. Essentially, it would prevent your tax money being given to fugitives and illegal immigrants.

I guess that is simply too much to ask government and business to do. In the meantime, id thieves whether they be violent fugitives or illegal immigrants (such as at the Swift Plant in Hyrum, Utah), are more than welcome to feel comfortable working here in Utah while evading law enforcement. After all, Utah government and businesses need the cheap labor or extra clientele even if it is on the backs of our children and at the expense of sheltering a proven threat to society.

So if your son goes to college and can’t get a student loan/grant/scholarship (due to the report linked to his SSN) because he made too much money last year (even though he didn’t work) the response is simple:

‘It’s ok little Jimmy – Mr. Bubba just needed a job so he could make ends meet instead of doing time for molesting children – now let’s find a job for you seeing as you won’t be attending university, after all.’

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