The Politics of the Utah Office of Ethnic Affairs

Looks like the Utah Office of Ethnic Affairs has found it suitable to use taxpayer funds to promote or oppose legislation:

Utah Office of Ethnic Affairs’ Public Policy & Research page

Take a look at the “Legislative Issues” and “Fact Sheets” links.

Note: The fact sheets are essentially talking points for opposition to the legislation related to their subject matter. The fact sheets contain no neutral language but obviously promote an agenda (the “Driving Privelege Card” may be the exception – it seems to stick strickly to neutral factual information about how many cards have been issued).

I’ve also saved some screen captures as a pdf file: Ethnic Affairs Legislative Issues and Fact Sheets

Of note, also is that, as I recall, this is the same office that launched the State’s spanish site with the colors of the Mexican flag.

If you wish to, politely, make you feelings known about this the Governor can be reached at (801)538-1000

Click here to email the Governor (choose a response or non-response link)


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