Protesters give troops a ‘send off’

This is a video of a Tacoma, WA protest. These are the same people who claim to ‘support the troops but not the war’.

Here are quotes (from what appears to be the protest leader) as the deployed troops drive past:

“Do not listen to your commanding officer
Do not listen to your sergeant, he’s a douche bag
They send you into a war with inadequate equipment, with inadequate body armor
…you don’t even know what the job is
There are no weapons of mass destruction, it has nothing to do with 9-11
Now they don’t give you a reason, they just send you off to die…to die in the name of oil and profit…”

It’s one thing to say this stuff to a politician (most of it is still just crap), it’s another thing to say it as soldiers have just said goodbye to their families this is one of the last things they hear as they leave the country on route to a combat zone.

“Support the troops but not the war”?…Bull! These pukes don’t give a rat’s rear end about our troops, if you asked me.

Anyway, here’s the video (the troops start leaving around 1 minute in and the above statements start about 1:20 in – about the 4:45 remaining mark):

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