The Sweet Intoxication of Taxation

Seems like the local governments can’t get enough.

The Standard Examiner reports that Centerville Mayor Ronald Russell, along with the same South Davis County cities who recently raised taxes for a recreation center, are moving closer to setting up another push for a RAMP tax (Rec, Arts, Museums, Parks).

Apparently, the Centerville council approved $37,165 for a study to see how much more money they can suck out of south Davis residents for special pet projects. They plan on trying to get the tax as an issue on the November ballot.

My favorite line in the article is (this is tongue-in-cheek):

“Russell said in terms of culture, the new facility won’t create anything that doesn’t already exist.”

My thought: I guess it’s worth increasing everyone’s taxes for more of the same.

The writing’s on the wall. This will probably end up on the ballot. Before voting for this ask yourself:

  • Should we further burden ourselves (and those below) when our taxes have already been significantly raised for a new jail, the operation of the jail, flood controls, elderly care facilities, a recreation center, the operation of the recreation center,  increased school district funding, and the increased vehicle registration fee?
  • It is fair to further increase taxes (financial burdens) on young families, the elderly, the handicapped, and people on fixed incomes? Remember, this raises all sales tax, including food (to support pet projects of politicians and the cultural elites).
  • Why should we subsidize things that can’t stand on their own and that not all can benefit from (you pay tax for a theater but then must pay an entrance fee not all can afford)?
  • Is it right for me to force others to pay for my hobby (be it a museum, shooting range, or bungee jumping facilities)? How would I feel if I am forced to pay for someone else’s hobby, no matter how off-the-wall it may be?
  • Should wants be given priority over needs? Is it worth the risk of finding it difficult to fund a legitimate need in the future because everyone is being heavily taxed for the wants of a few?
  • Is it ok to allow further government intrusion and control into things we already can do for ourselves? Should we allow government to take another bite out of ownership by the community?

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