Gathering of Eagles – Salt Lake City

<UPDATED: SEE MEETING LOCATION CHANGE – Just confirmed location/event with Marines MC – they will be present>

Can’t attend the Gathering of Eagles in Washington DC this weekend? No problem.

Come show your support for the troops and their mission by coming to MEMORY GROVE (at the of 2nd Ave and to the end of Canyon Rd. see the map for details). The previous meeting spot (Vietnam Memorial) is behind the construction fence.

According to the Utah board on, patriots will be gathering at the Memorial at Noon this Saturday (March 17th):

I’m a member of Marines MC, ourselfs and members of the Viet Nam Vets MC/Legacy Vets MC are going to have a gathering at the State Capital in Salt Lake by the Vietnam Vet memorial at 12:00. Please join us and pass it on to friends and family.

Semper Fi, Ken

Several others besides the above have noted that they will be in attendance as well (see the above link).

Looking at the weather, it will be partly sunny and around 67 degrees. Perfect for the family and a picnic (don’t forget to bring the red, white and blue)!

Lastly, consider signing the appropriate petition (from Gathering of Eagles):

There are two petitions now up online. One for people to sign only if they WILL be at the Gathering of Eagles on March 17th:

The second petition is for those who will be with us in spirit:

This will be very helpful in giving us some idea of how many Eagles will be in attendance on the 17th and how many will be supporting us from home.

If you plan to be there, sign in. Those who just can’t attend but stand with us in spirit are asked to sign the second petition.

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