HR1591 – Pelosi’s Stink Bomb

HR1591, the Emergency Supplemental Spending Bill that includes funding for the Iraq war, would also require a withdrawal (retreat) by August 2008. Pelosi and Democrats stuck the unacceptable provision into the bill.

No problem, Bush will veto the bill. Well…if he does, troops in Iraq will be left without any funding for ammunition, equipment, etc. In other words, Democrats are happy to ensure our defeat or let our soldiers twist in the wind. Clearly this is designed to be a “catch 22”.

The only way to stop this from harming our troops and their mission is to defeat the bill in its current form and have a ‘clean’ appropriations bill pass. Fortunately, this is reasonably likely (rumor has it that Pelosi is not making headway on this and will allow a clean bill through if it fails). Apparently, her stink bomb malfunctioned.

Anyway, your representative needs to hear from you on this. This bill must be stopped! Contact your Representatives (especially Democrat Reps) and ask them to oppose the current bill:

List of Representatives (there is also a zip code box on the top left of the page to find your Representative).

For those of us in Utah (I recommend everyone contact Matheson):

Jim Matheson
email/contact page (local and DC phone/fax numbers – at bottom of page)

Rob Bishop
email page
main page (local and DC phone/fax on left side)

Chris Cannon
Contact page (email plus local and DC phone/fax numbers)

UPDATE: Bishop and Cannon will oppose the bill. Matheson is “trying to work something out”. Again, it is important that Matheson be contacted and encouraged to oppose this bill.

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