Iran Seizes 15 British Sailors in Iraqi Waters

Excerpts from FoxNews:

The British personnel from the frigate HMS Cornwall were “engaged in routine boarding operations of merchant shipping in Iraqi territorial waters,” and had completed their inspection of a merchant ship when they were accosted by Iranian vessels, the ministry said in a statement.

“Two boats, each with a crew of six to eight multinational forces, were searching Iraqi and Iranian boats Friday morning in Ras al-Beesha area in the northern entrance of the Arab Gulf, but big Iranian boats came and took the two boats with their crews to the Iranian waters,” said the [Iraqi] fisherman.

I wonder what was on the boats they were searching…

On the surface, it seems those boats may have been smuggling something Iran was willing to risk an international incident to protect.

Remember, Britain is withdrawing from its AO in Iraq and Europe has been trying to negotiate with Iran, basically telling us to leave them alone.  Why put all this in jeopardy?

What was on the boat(s)?  More arms, munitions, bombs, personnel, something more insidious?


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