Predictable Media

Just prior to the start of Utah’s legislative session, the Deseret News wrote a nasty editorial full of personal attacks and race-baiting remarks.  I commented on it in my Preemptive Race Baiting blog post (includes a link to the original editorial).  In that post I made the following prediction:

Unfortunately, in today’s politics, race baiting and personal attacks happen but I can’t wait until, a few weeks from now, the Deseret News prints the obligatory editorial decrying the personal nature of politics, wishing everyone would hammer out policy in a civil manner.

OK, it did take longer than a few weeks but guess what:

In the past, the Deseret Morning News has had “enhancing civil discourse” as one of its yearly goals. Judging by recent events, we either didn’t do much of a job, or the issue needs to be revisited.

That’s the intro line to the editorial written last Friday (I didn’t bring it up then – had other issues I was more interested in).

Anyway there’s a taste of the local drive-by media for you.


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