The Battle For April 15th

First, April 15th is when war funding runs out.

Yesterday’s Senate vote wasn’t much of a surprise and, the more I think about it, works out better for those who want our servicemen/women to get the funding and support they need.  If the amendment would have passed, the conference committee would have put the retreat wording back in and only delayed everything even more.

It’s better the let the Dems get their bill to the President for his immediate veto so that we can get to work on a clean bill without the billions in pet projects (pork) and idiotic timetables.

That being said, public pressure is key.  It is, again, time for us to stand up for those on the field of battle and, unequivocally,  let legislators know that political pandering to special interests and pork spending have no place on a bill that funds our soldiers in combat zones!

The time to act on this is NOW.   Call and email your Senators and Representatives.  Demand that a clean emergency appropriations bill be passed ASAP.

Endorsing Gen. Petraeus (including his plan) and then trying to pull funding to score points with your donors when Gen. Petraeus’ surge is being implemented and appears to be working , is nonsensical.  This behavior must stop.

Note: If the Dems just can’t give up the pork and pandering by April 15th, it may be possible for President Bush to use executive  orders and shift money from other programs/agencies to fund our soldiers.  However, I am NOT 100% positive about this.  Thus, April 15th is a major deadline.

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