The Political Border Fence

While politicians and the Bush administration continue to whittle away at a bill likely to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, they are sure to address and fund enforcement including screening those entering, right?

I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Take a look at the (election year) Secure Fence Act they passed. Remember, the act that would create a 700 mile fence on our southern border? The act that did not have any funding attached to it?

Well, the election is over. Instead of 700 miles, it appears that 370 miles is sufficient but only if DHS deems it so. Now DHS has full discretion if funds allocated to the paltry 370 miles are even used for a fence (Hot Air also has a ‘Vent’ about this).

The amnesty granted in 1986 also pledged a ‘one-time’ opportunity, border security, and strict employer sanctions. The amnesty part worked like a charm. Do I really need to discuss how well the other two parts worked?

Given the track history of the Fence Act and Simpson-Mazzoli (1986 Amnesty), I find it incredibly hard to believe that the next bill will actually follow up with increased security. I’ll believe it when I see it.

We’ve given Congress decades to fix a problem with one amnesty and watched as a border security act has been gutted post election. They’ve failed.

Not only are we supposed to trust them on this despite their record. We’re also supposed to accept the fact that the amnesty will absolve illegal immigrants who’ve engaged in identity theft to gain employment. We are told to happily accept the fact that we, and especially, our children will be left to clean up the mess they’ve reaked upon our credit and social security numbers.

I’ve blogged on the ID theft issue, particularly regarding children many times (links below). Some of the biggest perpetrators appear to be illegal immigrants. It is simply wrong to let them ruin a child’s identity and leave the child and his/her family to go through the arduous process to clean it all up.

It is time for Congress (and the President) to act in good faith – secure the border and begin real enforcement on employers. Actually implement the other two parts of the 1986 amnesty act they’ve reneged on for the last 20 years.

Once Congress shows us they will actually keep their initial pledge, then I’ll be happy to discuss how to best handle the millions of illegal immigrants who remain in the US.

My Blogs on ID Theft:
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