11 Year Old Girl Raped (Illegal Immigrant)

According to the local Fox affiliate, the perp was previously arrested in Colorado. I guess the Colorado law enforcement/judicial system decided it wasn’t worth deporting him so he made his way to Utah and into the girl’s home.

This comes on the heels the O’Reilly – Geraldo smackdown.

Apparently the perp lived with five other families, all of whom were illegal immigrants as well. I assume the victim was born in the US or also entered illegally. No matter what, this ‘man’ must be caught. It is believed that he’s making a bee-line for Mexico.

For a look at video (including pictures) of the suspect click any of the following:
Syracuse Police Searching for Man Accused of Raping 11-Year-Old Girl (KSL)
Police looking for suspect in rape of 11-year-old girl (ABC4)
Syracuse Police Seek Man Who Raped Young Girl (KUTV)
Police Search For Accused Child Rapist (Fox13)

Some snippets gleened from the above sources:

Benito Arizmendi Martinez

If you have seen Benito Arizmendi Martinez call 801-825-4400!

Police say he was renting a room in a house where other families were living, including the 11-year-old victim. Police say the 11-year-old girl and the suspect did not know each other, aside from the fact they lived under the same roof. Twenty-two-year-old Benito Martinez was renting a room in the house and carpooled to various construction jobs with others also renting there.

Police say he is in the country illegally. He has been living in Syracuse for the last six months. They are concerned he may try to escape charges in Mexico. Jensen says the family of the victim reported the crime right away and have been helpful to police.

Jensen said about five different families live in the same house.

They are all illegal immigrants and the families working in the construction business,” said Lt. Jensen. “He needed a ride to work so it was convenient for him to live there and get a ride to work.”

Martinez used a coin to unlock the door and go inside the girl’s bedroom.

Within minutes, Martinez was sexually attacking the little girl.

Court documents said the little girl’s screams and ran into the bedroom.

“One of the family members interrupted it and told him that she was going to call police,” he said. “Prior to us arriving, he fled the scene.”

Police said the 22-year old Martinez is in the United States illegally. He’s been in Ogden and Salt Lake City before settling in Syracuse.


8 thoughts on “11 Year Old Girl Raped (Illegal Immigrant)

  1. Rape is rape. It’s horrible. Is it less horrible or repugnant when committed by an American citizen?

    “Gee, that rape sure is a shame. At least it was a native born American suspect”.

  2. Yeah rape is rape. And I do plan to place other the site who rape little girls/boys and become fugitives.

    The fact of the matter, however, is that my blog has a focus on certain issues. I am not the AP and don’t have a bureau at my disposal – I’m quite sure your blogs also have a focus (Tom may be the exception as he appears to have a small staff).

    You may also want to note, that another topic I often touch is ID theft. As such, I’ve tracked (when possible) the case of the fugitive ‘king of child porn’, Kirk Swearingen (and, yes, he is a citizen).

    The reason this Benito drew interest, in particular, is that he was arrested in Colorado and was let loose again. If law enforcement had done their job (ie if our system wasn’t a mess), he wouldn’t have been here and the 11 year old girl, and her family, would not have had to go through this trauma.

    Tom, you fail to point out that I didn’t rail on the other five families of illegal immigrants (or the victim), did I? Nor did I state: “Gee, that rape sure is a shame. At least it was a native born American suspect” as you imply.

    As I’ve stated in other posts, I will NOT tolerate false quotes or words being placed in others mouths here. Your site states: “…based upon principles of respect and pluralism where all viewpoints are welcome and will be given the opportunity to be fully articulated”. I expect you to behave the same way here.

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  4. In your comments defending your (irresponsible!) post, you say the “issue” here is that Colorado let him go, then he raped in Utah. Why not talk about THAT? That is indeed a tragedy, but the title and actual content of your post focuses on his immigration status. No rape is any better than another. Rape is disgusting, committed by a middle class white male citizen, or an illegal alien. Irresponsible “journalism” is also repugnant. But then Monkey-See-Monkey-Do, huh Mr.O’Reilly? As a life-long conservative, I am embarassed to find why you have written on the “Left-Leaning” side of the blog. We should be better than this, but alas, many of us are not.

  5. Darrell,

    You are welcome to your opinion.

    As I’ve stated, illegal immigration is a topic on this blog and brings an extra facet to the story.

    You’ll also want to note that the post is comprised of links and a summary of an article in the media. As such, I would assume that you consider the entire media ‘irresponsible’ for having the nerve to note that he was an illegal immigrant.

    The fact that illegal immigration debate is a significant topic in current events, makes it something that the media will point out whether the article relates to a good or bad deed.

    Just because you don’t like a fact, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be printed. I would assume that you wouldn’t object to the media stating if a rape suspect was a contestant on American Idol or was originally from Sweden or Bosnia (as the Trolley square shooter) or which high school they attended. Of course not! They are simply facts that may bring extra interest/information to their story and, no, it is not irresponsible. It may be pointless, but as long as it is a fact, then so be it.

    By the way, the first thing I addressed in the post was the release from Colorado (which went further than most of the media – most failed to mention this in their original stories until more information became available).

  6. >As a life-long conservative, I am embarassed to find why you have written on the “Left-Leaning” side of the blog.


    Where is your blog? Where is the ‘right-leaning’ side of the blog? Anyone can call themselves a life-long conservative or liberal. I would enjoy reading your views on your topics of interest.

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