Caught! (Update – Another Failure)

From Abc4:

Police say they’ve caught the man suspected of raping an 11-year-old Syracuse girl. They found him in Castlerock, Colorado.

22-year-old Benito Martinez will be transported to the Douglas County Jail in Douglas County Colorado.
Police say he awaits an extradition hearing on three First Degree Felony charges.

More information and links can be found on: 11 Year Old Girl Raped (Illegal Immigrant).

UPDATE: Another failure of our system. From The Bakersfield Californian:

Illegal immigrant suspected in fatal crash had four DUIs

An illegal immigrant arrested in connection with a collision that killed a father of five was drunk and on drugs, and had four previous drunken driving convictions, law officers said.

Jose Pena, 26, was allegedly traveling 90 miles per hour on March 31 when he crossed a double yellow line and hit 33-year-old Kent Boone. He also allegedly had two pounds of crystal methamphetamine in his truck, according to California Highway Patrol officers who later checked Pena’s home and found more drugs.

Boone’s family, including five children aged 12 to 5, was devastated by his death, and angry at Pena.

“He needs to be in prison. There’s no way they’re going to be able to deport him and keep him out of our country,” said Boone’s widow, Regina Sorisio.

The Solano County District Attorney’s Office is further investigating the case.

Federal immigration authorities also have placed a hold on Pena, meaning local law enforcement will notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement before releasing him, said spokeswoman Virginia Kice.

Hopefully the DA’s investigation will also look at why the ball was dropped and Mr. Pena was not deported when he was busted for the first DUI. ICE has finally placed a hold on him, too bad it was after it cost a life. I don’t know if it’s local law enforcement not talking/coordinating with ICE or ICE not listening, but it is obvious that communication is not occurring.

3 thoughts on “Caught! (Update – Another Failure)

  1. Great! You know what was ironic about this situation? Police feared that illegal immigrants with information on this guy might be reluctant to help because of fear of their own arrest/deportation. That was one of the concerns that the A.G. and other law enforcement officers had about adding immigration duties to local law enforcement agencies, that witnesses would now be too afraid to come forward.

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