Letting the Troops Speak for Themselves (part 2) – Update

This is part 2 of the Hot Air video I linked to yesterday:

Letting the Troops Speak for Themselves

Check out: The Troops speak (part 1) and Iraq News for the link to the first part of the series.

UPDATE: Check out this article – Iraq parliament in session of ‘defiance’. Here’s a small snippet (hint, read the article!):

Iraq’s parliament met in an extraordinary session of “defiance” Friday, the Muslim day of prayer, and declared it would not bow to terrorism. A bouquet of red roses and a white lily sat in the place of Mohammed Awad, the lawmaker killed in the parliament dining hall suicide bombing claimed by al-Qaida.

Parliament speaker Mahmoud al-Mashhadani opened the session and asked lawmakers to recite verses from the Quran in honor of Awad, whom he called a “hero.”

The unprecedented Friday meeting was called to send “a clear message to all the terrorists and all those who dare try to stop this (political) process, that we will sacrifice in order for it to continue,” said al-Mashhadani, a Sunni Muslim.

“We feel today that we are stronger than yesterday,” he said. “The parliament, government and the people are all the same ā€” they are all in the same ship which, if it sinks, will make everyone sink.” [emphasis added]

See also: Police cut violence in Ramadi and Civilian Deaths Down in Baghdad

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