PC Police (selective) Rampage

Ok the PC Police took out Imus for saying something many hear on a daily basis. That doesn’t excuse it. I find the whole ‘pimp’ and ‘ho’ female-denigration culture entirely offensive. It would be nice if the standard and outrage applied to Imus were equally applied to all media and society as a whole. Then again, it would be nice not to have race-baiting hypocrites like Jackson and Sharpton (see this too) lead the charge. With blood in the water, Olbermann wants more (not that Olbermann, himself, hasn’t said anything shocking).

In other news, the Duke LAX players’ charges were all dropped due to false accusations and a politically motivated attorney (Nifong). Any apologies there? Well:

Terry Moran: Don’t Feel Too Sorry For The Dukies

The View (McGowan and Behar) also shares no pity for the “little white boys’ club” among other statements.

Michelle Makin took over on The Factor and discussed the double standard applied to Imus and the falsely accused Duke players. In the end, Michelle Malkin is called a “political prostitute” and George Washington reaps the blame for the whole Imus situation.

Finally, on to the PBS PC Police who don’t want anyone to see a movie about moderate Muslims (the good guys) struggle against the islamofascists. The movie was supposed to be part of their high profile “America at a Crossroads” series. One of the producers was a commentary detailing the situation in the Washington Times and the AZ Republic also chips in on the issue. PBS wanted people fired on political grounds and wanted to install an adviser from a group (Nation of Islam) the movie was investigating. Go figure.

Ok. Enough. It’s the weekend. The best way to end this post is on a fun note. Here’s the peeps take on recent events (thanks MKH!):

Edit note: took out link to Wikipedia on Jackson.  I decided I didn’t trust the content (wasn’t very well presented either).


2 thoughts on “PC Police (selective) Rampage

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