Who’s Using Your Child’s Social Security Number?

I don’t usually plug another site that charges for stuff, but this is the exception. I’ve blogged about identity theft on several occasions and paid particular attention to the fact that ID thieves (either illegal immigrants or traditional ID thieves) love targeting children. Alas, it is often very tedious and expensive to check your child’s SSN. The same feeling applies to criminal record checks on people who have contact with your child (should you feel the need). Not any more. I was referred to a very affordable, and easy to use, site:

UCOURTS (see also: about page)
I was told the site allows you to check your (and your children’s) social security number to verify no one else is using it.

The fee is nominal compared to other programs out there (yes, I’m cheap). It charges $5 per verification submission but requires you to purchase $15 increments (3 submissions). If you only need to run 2 numbers, you will retain one credit for the next time you use the service.

You can also run criminal checks for $5 (Utah only right now, but it will soon be expanded to a nationwide search) . That lets you know if your child’s soccer coach etc is someone you can trust.

I tried out the service and found it straight forward and easy. I ran several searches and it only took me about 7 minutes from start to finish (for the entire process NOT per search).Note: if you run your children’s SSNs, you will want a ‘no records in our database’ (or some statement to that effect) result.

Finally, if you don’t think your children would be the target of ID theft, you are wrong! Take a look at the Identity Theft category for some proof (especially the “…Victimless Crimes” posts). ID thieves love children’s identities.

5 thoughts on “Who’s Using Your Child’s Social Security Number?

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