Another Child Rapist

Sorry for those of you with low bandwidth (dialup). You’ll have to deal with my summary or patiently wait for the video stream. I would recommend watching the video as it has several shots of him:

The perp, Juan Cruz-Hernandez, repaid a family who befriended him by raping their 12 year old daughter, repeatedly, for a year. Now, he’s on the run but his threats continue.

Cops consider him a textbook child predator.

He stated he would kill the victim’s family, if she informed anyone of what he was doing. Once the family became aware of what was happening they called police but Cruz-Hernandez fled before detectives could arrest him. The victims family does not want to go on TV or be identified because Cruz-Hernandez’s family continues to threaten anyone in Utah who goes to police or the media. The victim is now 15 years old and coping as well as can be expected.

Cruz-Hernandez is believed to be in LA or San Fransisco, California but his wife and child remain in Utah.

Anyone with information should call the tips-for-cash hotline at (801)799-INFO.

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