Military Bogging (Update – Guidlines Suspended)

It looks like the Army may make it tougher for soldiers to blog.

I understand the need for operational security (opsec), but I’m not aware of any major problems associated with soldier’s blogs compromising opsec. The Army may disagree with that statement, but I wish they would make that case when issuing the new rule. Right now, I think it is a bad decision which will further rob those on the homefront access to front line information from those on the ground. Nevertheless, I’m open to the possibility that there is an inherent problem of these blogs endangering opsec (soldier’s lives) but I just don’t see it, yet. Blackfive has several posts on this and Hot Air has called the policy “half smart” and provides a good overview with several links.

At least, there are still several other bloggers who’ve embedded with front line units (Michael Yon has put up some more dispatches which are well worth reading: here and here) and now Jeff Emanuel has joined the fray. Additionally, MNF-I still has its youtube site.

Meanwhile, al Qaeda has lost another senior leader and there are rumors that al-Masri (al Qaeda’s chief in Iraq ) may have been taken care of as well. Al-Masri’s death rumor came out a couple of days ago, but I’m taking a wait-and-see on the latter, he’s been rumored to have been killed on other occasions as well.

UPDATE: Good news! The Army will not stop ‘milblogging’ after all – Milblog guidelines relaxed? BUMPED/UPDATE: Senators get milbloggers’ back


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