Support the Troops, Even On Your Backside

The vast majority of Americans want to support our troops but sometimes feel like they don’t know how.

Often, they don’t feel like they know what they should send in a care package (don’t want to send stuff that can’t be used or would be a nuisance) or don’t know anyone who is deployed (no place to send the package to) or are ‘too busy’ to go to a rally etc etc.

If you can’t, for whatever reason, find the time to do any of the above, check out:

America Supports You

Click on the “Make A Difference Box” for a myriad of donation and support options. Trust me, you will find something that fits you will love to support.

For a local (Utah) flavor check out:

Operation Give – It is run by Chief Warrant Officer Paul Holton. I’ve had the pleasure of talking to him on several occasions. He’s a genuinely good man. DefenseLink also recently ran another article about Op Give.

For those who want to do more, America Supports You has several ideas. Additionally, I talked to a deployed soldier on 10 day leave and he noted:

1. Everyone in Utah can find someone (or a unit) to send care packages to – every church (LDS, Catholic, Protestant etc) has members who are deployed. If there is no one at you local church branch, go up to the next level. Contact the family and prepare a care package for the soldier (or their unit). Sounds like a good youth group project.

2. Please stop sending female hygiene products (unless specifically asked to). His outfit is sick of them (and doesn’t have a use for them).

If you still can’t find anyone in your church or community, check out

Finally, if you send messages of support, please limit it them to that. If you don’t support the mission or want them home now, fine, just keep it to yourself – they don’t want to hear it! Send a simple, uplifting message.


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