Moderate Muslim Struggle Censored (PBS)

PBS continues to refuse airing “Islam vs Islamists” (which it funded) as part of its “America at a Crossroads” series.

The series details the efforts and trials faced by moderate Muslims. They continue to be ignored by the media (giving Islamic extremist nuts all the PR) essentially allowing the islamofascists to define the religion.

Click the film’s link (above) for more information and links to others who are addressing the issue. Michelle Malkin has also put up a Vent regarding the issue which includes the film’s trailer. Finally, click here for a post I put up about the PC police (it includes a couple of links with further background about the film and PBS’s meddling).

UPDATE: Gaffney interview with further details of PBS meddling etc.

2 thoughts on “Moderate Muslim Struggle Censored (PBS)

  1. The best thing that could happen for America and the world would be for moderate Muslims to have a voice so that people could understand that the extremists do not speak for all Muslims. What is PBS thinking?

  2. >What is PBS thinking?

    PBS is thinking ‘politically correct’ (it is rumored they are afraid of offending CAIR etc). Hopefully, enough pressure on this issue will allow the film to air and finally give moderates Muslims some decent air time.

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