Armed Service Reactions on Iraq

Why giving up in Iraq is not an option – By Sgt. Maj. Gerald T. Peil

How to Lose (or Win) a War – a Soldier in Iraq training Iraqi forces in Baghdad

Items of Note – Matt, a Marine in Fallujah

Military Blogs in the War Zones – list and links to MilBlogs on the front (highly recommended).

A Baghdad plea: U.S. should stay and fightMohammed Fadil (Iraq the Model)

I thought about posting snippets from each, but the post would’ve been simply too massive (and I didn’t have the time to reread, copy/paste, etc). Further, this is really just providing a brief glimpse of soldier (and one Iraqi’s) reaction to the political games over here. The middle three links come from BlackFive but one is simply links to some milblogs.

In the meantime, the Democrat leadership will continue with daily conference calls with anti-war groups associated and enabled by left wing groups such as Soros’ I hope no one is surprised by this, by the way. Interestingly enough, the leadership can find the time to coordinate political strategies with them, but finds it tough to meet with Gen Petraeus.

UPDATE: Positive steps in Diyala province: The Diyala Salvation Front
UPDATE: More reaction: Anbar Sitrep from an NCO.  Also, we got a big fish in Afghanistan.

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