ID Theft Amnesty (The Illegal Immigration Deal) Updated

Congress appears not to have any problem at all letting you clean up your own identity and that of you children’s (several posts on this link detail ID theft associated with illegal immigration). From the below links, it appears congress will give anyone who stole you children’s identity a pass and even allow them to invite their entire family into the country. Be prepared to pucker:

A Disaster: The GOP Caves On Border Security

GOP talking points on their immigration bill capitulation

The Wash Times also reports (White House backs off alien safeguards):

The Bush administration, trying to win an immigration agreement with Democrats, is backing away from safeguards designed to target businesses that hire illegal aliens and to prevent a repeat of the rampant fraud that resulted from the 1986 amnesty.

Republicans are pleading with the Bush administration to hold firm on the safeguards, arguing that otherwise any new guest-worker program will be unworkable.

Immigration Deal Would Grant Amnesty to Parents, Spouses and Children

Report: Senate Republicans sign off on amnesty

I feel sorry for those who entered legally (including those on student visas). It doesn’t appear they get the same sweetheart deal given those who violated our laws. I guess it serves you right for taking the months and years of work to do the right thing.

For the rest of us, enjoy the tedium of cleaning up those social security (and credit records).

PS, Now would be a good time to contact your Senators and Representatives.

UPDATE: HotAir has a rundown with more details on the Amnesty proposal (along with plenty of links and ongoing updates as more information comes to light).

UPDATE: Reaction from DeMint: “I don’t care how you try to spin it, this is amnesty”.

UPDATE: See also: Illegal Immigration ID Theft in a Nutshell (Amnesty)

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