Calling Your Senator (special number) plus misc stories (update)

***First: Remember Memorial Day is around the corner. Say thanks to a soldier/sailor/airman etc (or former soldier), offer a special prayer for those in harms way, do something (bring a treat to a recruiting office, donate to a military support group – plenty to choose from at***

OK, on to that special number we can all use:

Are you one of the “little people” who is having a tough time getting through to your Senators? Or maybe you just want an easier way to call them without having to ‘hold’ while paying long distance charges. Well, here is the ‘VIP’ line you, too, can use:

1-800-417-7666 (English)
1-800-882-2005 (Spanish)

The line is actually a hotline established by a pro-amnesty group (Malkin gives background on the organization), and the line works very well – I used it and rapidly made contact with both Senator offices. You will hear a message in Spanish, press 1 (for your senior Senator – Hatch) or 2 (for your junior Senator – Bennett) at anytime during this first message. You will then here a brief message be asked to press 1 again (you can press 1 at anytime during this second message). You will then be connected. HotAir also has Audio of the Spanish Version.

Now some other stories –



Islam Vs. Islamists:


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