With Sincere Apologies and Thanks

I have, regretfully, had to tighten posting requirements for this blog.  You will now have to be a registered WP user.

Personally, I hate having to register for everything and didn’t want to have to make people do so here.  Unfortunately, the few have, yet again, ruined it for the many.  I figured this may happen but had hoped it would not have occurred so soon.

Recently, a poster used several different identities and went so far as to lie about service in the military (unethical, to say the least, especially in the case of the latter) in an effort to promote and defend their points (note: I deleted their posts and my responses).  It doesn’t appear to be the first time this has happened here, either.  That is something I can simply not tolerate and I think other posters here would feel the same way.

For those of you who did post and did so ethically, despite our disagreements, THANK YOU for being honest and not engaging in any deception of other blog readers and posters.


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