Free Ford Mustang? (Update) (Update 6/4)

I enjoyed this spot I’ve heard. It is put out by the Heritage Foundation and is based on Robert Rector’s analysis of illegal immigration costs. More on the Heritage Foundation and the immigration issue can be found at

You can also click here to go to the audio’s download page. There’s also lots to be found at the “More Heritage impact on immigration reform” link.

The GOP is taking a pretty big hit over the amnesty issue. Actually, they’re taking a 40% hit over this. Their solution – fire the phone bank folks.

As I noted before, some pro-amnesty Republicans feeling they can’t gain traction on factual debate have resorted to personal attacks and emotional demagoguery (a tactic often employed by the left).

Laura Ingraham took President Bush to task over it (and briefly did so, today, on her show). Peggy Noonan has also written an opinion piece entitled “Too Bad” discussing the impacts of President Bush’s actions on conservatives (it’s not a rosy picture).

Finally, one radio newsman pointed out another irony (injustice) of the amnesty bill (my words not his):

The National Spelling Bee recently wrapped up. One Utah teen gained a lot of attention here. Why? His Indian family was recently deported. His folks actually tried to be honest and work through the convoluted immigration system but were, ultimately, denied asylum. For all I know, the denial may have been justified under current immigration law. However, the irony and injustice is that the current immigration legislation would allow those who came here illegally (including those who engaged in id theft, see also the post on the bills flaws and my suggestions) to gain some sort of legal status. As for the Kunal family, I guess their biggest mistake may have been their honesty – if they would have become illegal immigrants, they may have been given that legal status they spent years and thousands seeking, for free.

In terms of the teen – unfortunately, Sah wasn’t able to get through the written round.

UPDATE: Laura Ingraham takes on Linda Chavez.
UPDATE  (6/4):  While the National GOP is struggling with fund raising, State GOPs who oppose amnesty are doing well.


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