Senate Votes To Protect Certain Felons (Immigration bill)

The Senate rejected Sen. Cornyn’s amendment (SA 1184 text – scroll/search to “SA 1148”). which would have further restricted Z visa issuance when it comes to felons who engaged in identity theft and/or violated deportation orders. I’ve blogged on various occasions that illegal immigrants have been known to steal citizen’s identities to obtain work. I’ve also noted that this bill appears to provide amnesty to those who’ve engaged in identity fraud by making it a $10,000 offense to even inform the victims (see the comments too) of illegal immigrant identity thieves. Evidently, the senate has no problem with that and seems happy to leave it to victims to clean up.

Allahpundit on HotAir, stated “the amendment has already failed for reasons known only to god and the amnesty lobby“. In my estimation, the Senate is putting cheap labor ahead of the rule of law and id thief victims (it’s even written into the bill – see above $10K link) as evidenced by the previous links. They and certain businesses just don’t want to have to deport or deny visas to cheap labor, even if it is off the backs of citizens.

That isn’t anything new, though, it appears Governor Huntsman’s administration is also fine with that mentality.

To their credit, both Hatch and Bennett supported Cornyn’s amendment (roll call vote here). Of course, I wonder if this isn’t just Bennett placating us.

Finally, NOW would be a perfect time to contact your Senators as Sen. Reid appears to be moving for a close of amendments etc tomorrow.

More information on the bill and identity theft can be found at the “illegal immigration” and “identity theft” tags.


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