Commercial: Where’s the Fence?! and Immigration Bill in Doubt? (Lots of Updates)

This commercial is making the rounds (see also the Heritage Foundation’s Ad). This one was made by I think its a pretty funny (and effective) ad – gotta love the grannies. It reminds me of the Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?!” ad from the 80s:

Drudge has a link entitled “RIP” with a picture of the immigration bill (S. 1348). This comes after the guest worker program was further cut. I’m not so sure about the RIP assessment (continue to call your Senators), according to the article they [senators] are putting a bunch of pressure on those who voted for the cut to reconsider (check HotAir’s post for those who’ve switched their votes – likely to be pressured). Here are excerpts from the article (Immigration Bill in Doubt):

A fragile compromise that would legalize millions of unlawful immigrants risks coming unraveled after the Senate voted early Thursday to place a five-year limit on a program meant to provide U.S. employers with 200,000 temporary foreign workers annually. [Roll call vote available – Hatch and Bennett opposed the amendment]

Business interests and their congressional allies were already angry that the temporary worker program had been cut in half from its original 400,000-person-a-year target.

The Dorgan amendment “is a tremendous problem, but it’s correctable,” said Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa. The coalition will try as early as Thursday to persuade at least one senator to help reverse the outcome yet again, he said.

The Senate voted 51-46 to reject a proposal by Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, to bar criminals – including those ordered by judges to be deported – from gaining legal status. [Apparently, not letting criminals gain citizenship is too hurtful for those pushing the bill.]

While several Cornyn amendments failed, he prevailed on one matter opposed by the grand bargainers. That amendment, adopted 57 to 39, would make it easier to locate and deport illegal immigrants whose visa applications are rejected.

Click “Senate Votes To Protect Certain Felons” for information which criminal illegal immigrants the Senate is happy to leave us with (list of Senator votes is also on the post).

Additionally, Rassmussed reports that the American public’s opposition to the bill is increasing:

A Rasmussen Reports poll conducted Monday and Tuesday night found that just 23% of voters now support the bill while 50% are opposed

Forty-nine percent (49%) of voters prefer no bill over the Senate bill. Just 32% prefer the legislative compromise over inaction.

For those in Congress who believe that passing the Senate bill will get the issue behind them, the data suggests otherwise.

If the current bill passes, 69% of voters say that it will “still be necessary to pass another law that focuses on securing the borders and reducing illegal immigration.” [more data, analysis is available at the link]

If this bill goes down, I do hope they will rethink how they approach this and offer a series of smaller bills (first focusing on enforcement) and allow for an open discussion (instead of the ‘select group behind closed doors’ garbage) without the race-baiting rhetoric etc.

UPDATE: Senator Dorgan’s (D-ND) take on the bill is on NRO (Unlabor Day). While Dorgan may be pushing this line because he has a lot of union donors, I generally agree with the arguments (especially about security and enforcement). He also voted for Cornyn’s amendment to prevent criminals from qualifying for the amnesty.

UPDATE: Robert Rector has also posted on NRO. He discusses the unfairness of the bill when it comes to those legally in the country as well as the access to social services future costs. The article is entitled Amnesty Plus.

UPDATE: Lindsey Graham’s fit over the amendment to ban criminals from citizenship [correction: it was over Obama’s amendment dealing with the point system]. I heard about out it, but seeing it is even better – I feel bad for the poor cameraman. Usually, Graham isn’t too bad, but he stinks on this issue.

Mid-day UPDATE: The Senate motion for cloture (ceasing debate failed, so far – it will be brought back up later today). HotAir and Malkin are keeping track of this. KSL put up a post: Man Pleads Guilty to Selling Stolen IDs to Illegal Immigrants. Yesterday, the Senate rejected a measure that would have prevented him from qualifying for the z visa and citizenship. As it stands, I believe he still qualifies. Finally, Hatch supported but Bennett opposed (boo!) Coburn’s amendment (SA 1311) requiring enforcement measures to be implemented prior to amnesty being granted.

I think I’m going to leave this thread alone now…check HotAir and Malkin’s sites for updates. This Senate roll call vote table is also handy (shows vote results for daily activities). The bill’s (S 1348) main page can also be helpful.


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