Immigration Bill (S 1348) on Life Support (update)

Ok. Here last night’s new if you haven’t heard it yet. The comprehensive immigration reform bill failed yet another cloture motion (click link for how Senator’s voted) last night and Sen. Reid (D-NV) has taken it off the table, for now. I think Specter stated that it is effectively on ‘life support’.

Both Hatch and Bennett voted against cloture. If you called them asking them to oppose this bill, call to thank them for this vote…although I would still like to know what Bennett was thinking when he opposed Sen. Coburn’s amendment.

Essentially, the bill is close to death but still has enough life to come back and be rapidly passed while know one is looking (or able to organize to stop it/amend it). This too, should be a tough battle as a lot of groups will be watching, they lack quite a few votes to avoid a filibuster, and all [fill in blank] would break loose if they pulled a sneaky maneuver with this big of legislation (people would not forget as primaries, elections, and fund raising drives come up).

As some say: “Keep yer powder dry”. This battle isn’t, necessarily, over.

For those interested in a rundown of last night’s events, HotAir did a good job of describing what occurred as well as some of the background procedural stuff that stymied the bill. There are plenty of links and they seem to think this thing is dead. I’m not willing to let my guard down so easily.

Ok, so what now? I hope we’re not done. We need to reform the ‘system’. I’ve already stated my ideas regarding what I would like to see happen (plenty of links at the end of that post with more details).

For now, however, I suppose a breather is in order, for Congress and the public. In the meantime, I’ll keep my eye open for any sneaky moves and consolidate my ‘if I were king’ proposals for reform into one post (instead of the current four or five)…but only after a hopeful break from this subject.

UPDATE: The back room arm twisting continues – Amnesty bill will pass by July 4th, predicts Kyl.  Also, Bush to Push Immigration Bill at Capitol.  The battle continues.

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