Going To Mexico For Teachers

KSL reports that:

Several Utah school districts [Granite, Salt Lake, Tooele County and Davis County] have just hired a total of 12 new teachers from Mexico. The State Office of Education has been working on the plan for almost a year. This is part of an agreement Governor Huntsman made with Mexico when he visited there a couple years ago.

School districts say they’re happy about it. The teachers will be filling positions that districts can’t seem to staff right now. At the same time, the teachers will help a growing population of Hispanic students in the state. School districts are having a harder and harder time finding elementary school teachers, science and math teachers. [emphasis added]

Most of the 12 teachers will speak English in the classroom with the exception of those hired for dual immersion programs. The Granite District says the teachers will be a great help to Spanish-speaking students and their parents, who often feel left out of their child’s education…

I’m actually ok with hiring teachers from other countries to cover academic deficiencies in the system. I would also like to see some the of restrictions on being considered ‘qualified’ as a teacher lifted – there are many professionals who would be excellent teachers but don’t have the right degree or set of courses to be ‘qualified’ under the current system.

I do, however, take issue that we use taxpayer money to go to Mexico (or any other country) and hire teachers to cater to illegal immigrants (let’s face it most of the parents referred to are illegal immigrants).

Not that this is anything new:
The Politics of the Utah Office of Ethnic Affairs


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