Tancredo Takes On Sanctuary and Wins

Rep. Tancredo’s amendment which would withhold federal funds from “sanctuary cities” passed.  The roll call (vote record) is available.

Utah Representatives Rob Bishop (R) and Jim Matheson (D) voted for it while Chris Cannon (R) opposed it.  Thanks go to Bishop and Matheson while Cannon gets another thumbs down on the immigration issue.

More information is available at HotAir.  This doesn’t bode well for the Senate immigration bill (if it actually passes), which is likely to be resurrected next week.  If you’ve already called Bennett and Hatch, call again.  Make sure you ask them to oppose both the bill AND cloture (a vote for cloture is, seriously, as good as a yes vote via Congressional tactics).  President Bush has also “tarted up” the bill with $4.4 billion but throwing money should not save a bill with serious flaws.

Unrelated: I’ll post the 4th part (amnesty/z visa stuff) of my immigration reform suggestions later next week – it’s a beast I need to look at again (even then it’ll be a total draft, as far as I’m concerned), if I get a bit of time.

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