Silencing Amnesty Opponents and Key Contacts

Two things (briefly):

1. Over the weekend HotAir linked up an NRO article along with some commentary about a tactic Reid may employ to prevent any amendments enforcement etc proponents (Republican and Democrat) may offer. HotAir also brings up a reason Reid would do this despite the continuing rumor that Reid is opposed to the bill.

2. This is just too good not to share. Some people on FreeRepublic have various pre-formated email lists of Senatorial Staffers:

Here’s a list of key Senate contacts for EVERYONE to email regarding immigration. Many offices are putting calls straight to voicemail and they can just trash faxes (and letters take weeks to get through due to security). Let’s hit Hill staff where they are so codependent – their Blackberries. Send email directly to staff – not just the generic Senator’s mailbox. Contact their Chief of Staff, Legislative Director, and Press Secretary. Make your voice heard!!

Here are Senator Bennett and Hatch’s contacts. I didn’t use mailto links to avoid spammers, you’ll have to copy and paste the emails:

Senator Robert Bennett (R-UT)
Chief of Staff

Legislative Director

Press Secretary

Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT)
Chief of Staff

Legislative Director

Deputy LD


Press Secretary/Communications Director

For the other Senators, go to the above link. The list split out by individual Senator on the 14th comment.

One thought on “Silencing Amnesty Opponents and Key Contacts

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