House GOP and Blue Dogs Growl on Immigration

It looks like the Blue Dogs may have found the guts to shed Pelosi’s choke chain…at least on immigration. Evidently, both the Blue Dog Democrats and the House Republicans are not going to buy into the Senate amnesty bill. It’s been reported that they are planning on splitting immigration reform into separate bills, focusing on enforcement first (as I and others, of greater influence, have suggested). This all comes on the heels of the sanctuary city slap down.

I’ve finally posted my final set of suggestions on immigration reform (I never really got a chance to really review them, so they are in ‘less than draft form’). I’ll post my comments on those a little later today.

In the meantime, it is still not too late to contact the Senate with your opinion on the amnesty bill. You can also try this or click here for a full list of Senators and contact options.  Remember, a vote for cloture is as good as passing the bill – ask them to oppose the bill and vote “nay” on cloture.


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