Cloture/Immigration Vote This Week (Tuesday)

OK, this is basically the last chance you have to contact your Senator regarding the immigration bill. I’ve seen reports that the cloture vote (essentially passing the bill if cloture succeeds) is scheduled for Tuesday morning (although that may be delayed, depending how much opposition Reid faces). Basically, today (and maybe early tomorrow) is the last chance you have to ask your Senators to oppose cloture and oppose the bill:

List of Senators

Hatch and Bennett remain wild cards and need to hear from you.

To get more background on why the cloture vote is a stealth vote for the bill, look at the “clay pigeon post” and/or the immigration posts I’ve put up over the over the last week along with the links to rightwingnews blog.

A couple of updates as well. In the clay pigeon post I had noted an indication that Senator Hatch may try to pull the cloture strategy. I talked to an acquaintance who also called Hatch’s office and noted that Senator Alexander would be voting against cloture, the staffer (not the same as mine) emphatically stated “that’s great news!”. As such, I’ll place Hatch back in the uncertain category rather than leaning to amnesty. Bennett is still, very much, a toss up and has previously indicated supporting the bill but his office continues to state that “he’s still reviewing [it]”.

Also forgot to mention: Sen Clinton and Boxer denied suggesting going after talk radio, Inhofe stands by his statement but says it was three years ago.


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