Amnesty: Hatch votes No; Bennett Votes Yes (Updates)(Update)

Amnesty Bill Update:

**It’s not over yet, there are some more cloture motions, but things are not looking good in the Senate. Keep up the pressure (see second update).
Hatch’s office states he voted no on cloture (call to thank him and encourage further opposition to this bill).

Bennet’s office states he voted for cloture – if the bill passes (no matter how he votes), he is responsible for it and 100% supported it with this vote (call to ask for him to oppose further cloture motions).

Keep tabs on this at HotAir:
Countdown to amnesty;Update: Bush calls bill “amnesty” (sort of); Update: Heart-ache, 64-35

I’ll post the roll call vote as soon as I can get it.

UPDATE: Here’s how they voted (roll call)

UPDATE: The second cloture vote will occur on Thursday. This cloture only restricts amendments (see the “clay pigeon” stuff linked off this blog and elsewhere).

I think I’ll leave it at that. Again, keep tabs on HotAir and NRO et.

UPDATE: What happens next? See:
What are the Procedures after Cloture on S 1639? – see reply 4 (by CyberLiberty)

Remember, this is not over. Continue calling, emailing, and faxing Senators (don’t forget you can also use the toll free ‘vip’ line as well) and we’ve still got the House (which should be a tougher battle).

Finally, don’t forget how these guys voted on this (and, for some, the ad hominem attacks they spewed) in the upcoming years when you go to party caucuses and vote in primary elections.


2 thoughts on “Amnesty: Hatch votes No; Bennett Votes Yes (Updates)(Update)

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