The Beast May Be Dead (UPDATE It’s dead, Jim)

The wicked thing may be giving its last breath (I hope). We needed five votes to switch and oppose cloture. By my count we may have them. I called a series on Senators listed on Laura Ingraham’s website. I asked each one I could reach (got a lot of busy signals and left a bunch of messages on voice mail) how if the Senator had taken a position on cloture (and either thanked them or asked that they vote no). Here are those who’s offices have stated they are voting NO on cloture:


That’s five. This is looking good. KEEP CALLING. Also keep tabs on HotAir, I’m sure they will be keeping up minute-by-minute with developments regarding this bill.

UPDATE: Cloture failed. Stick a fork in it. I’ll get the vote totals and roll call as soon as possible.

Vote tally: 53 Nay, 46 Yea. Click here for the vote record.


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