Senate Iraq Surrender Fight (who to contact)(update)

Senator Harry Reid and his cohorts (including a few Republicans) are making a new push to give up in Iraq (one amendment has already been defeated) and some have gone so far as to declare the surge a failure, before it is fully implemented.

Hugh Hewitt asked for military reaction to this mentality and what their thoughts on the surge are. I’ve embedded the audio below. It begins with some of the debate on the Senate floor and moves on to the military callers:″

Michael Yon is also continuing his dispatches regarding the progress the surge is making, particularly with gaining the cooperation of former enemies in the fight against al Qaeda:

Al-Qaeda on the Run: Feasting on the Moveable Beast

Some Republicans have gone squishy and need to be reminded that defeat and surrender is not an acceptable option. Hewitt also has a post up (Winning In Iraq And Losing In D.C.) in which he lists some key contacts for this reminder:

Senator Lamar Alexander, Tenn: (202) 224-4944. E-mail
Senator Norm Coleman, MN: (202) 224-564. E-mail
Senator Pete Domenici, NM: (202) 224-6621. E-mail
Senator Gordon Smith, OR: (202) 224-3753. E-mail
Senator John Sununu, NH: (202) 224-2841. E-Mail
Senator John Warner, VA: (202) 224-2023. E-mail

It is also worthwhile contacting these Democrats:
Senator Max Baucus, MT: (202) 224-2651. E-mail
Senator Mary Landrieu, LA: (202) 224-5824. E-mail
Senator Mark Pryor: (202) 224-2353. E-mail

UPDATE: HotAir: House Votes For Withdrawl – Includes video of Iraqi opinion
(Note: Matheson, Bishop, and Cannon vote Nay – also important, the vote is NOT veto proof)

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