Follow Ups – John Doe Win, Employer Verification, Surge

First, a big win. Democrats killed a provision that would have provided legal protection for those reporting potential terrorist activities (so, people won’t hesitate or second guess themselves with the worry of opening themselves up to lawsuits). However, the provision was reinserted into the legislation (click here for the FNC story) during the conference committee. Thanks should go to Rep. Peter King, Republicans, and Sen. Lieberman (comes through for us again!).

Next, I recently put up a post about an interim legislative hearing on employer verification as a means to interdict identity theft. I also included a set of “Key Links” at the bottom of the post. One link I should have included (sorry, just thought of this), is UCourts. UCourts has the (so far) cheapest way to check your and your children’s SSN records to make sure no one is using their number. Right now, that is pretty much the only way to fight SSN theft (for employment) as there is no employer verification requirement in Utah. Unfortunately, it will only allow you to catch the theft after it has occurred (rather than preventing it with employer verification) but you will be able to take action before things get worse. Click here for a post with more information on UCourts.

Finally, Yon is upbeat on the surge and John Burns of the NYT has also had some positive stories. Another one to check out is Micheal Totten. He’s a blogger embedded with the 82nd Airborne (“All American”). His latest post (dated July 24th) is up: In the Wake of the Surge.


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