Reid Kills Earmark Reform (Pork Embraced)

Ethics reform took another big hit. So much for Democrat campaign promises of ethics reforms (maybe they were only valid for the duration of their campaigns). Nevertheless, this isn’t solely a Democrat/Reid issue. While Democrats are taking the lead to terminate meaningful earmark reform, some Republicans are also not doing much to stop them (I believe Hatch and Bennett quite enjoy the taste of pork, for example). Some notable exceptions to the pork lovers are Senators Coburn and DeMint. However, there is talk that Sen McConnell (R-KY) may cave to Reid and avoid a fight on ethics reforms.

Pork Busters has a short post with good background information on the “reform”, including the changes made to the original bill (gutting the earmark reforms) as well as a link to the new bill’s text. Further links and background can also be found at: Most ethical Congress evah eviscerates earmark reform bill

Long story short – call your Senators and Representatives – all sides need to feel the heat on this one. It would also be wise to firmly, but politely, ask them to support DeMint and Coburn’s reforms and call McConnell’s office with the expectation that he do the same.

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