Michael Yon Update – Food for Baqubah

As I prefer people reading his dispatches, instead of just looking at excerpts.  I’ll limit this to links, for the most part.  The last couple of dispatches involve picking up food for Baqubah from a warehouse in Sadr city.   Yeah, it sounds mundane, but it isn’t – it shows how something so simple sounding can have a powerful synergistic impact on a Mayor and community and provide a wealth of background on the violence (an al Qaeda’s tactics) in Iraq.   It’s also yet another example of the drive-by media’s ‘if it bleeds it leads’ blinders, ultimately missing the critical mission.   Anyway, the second (final) dispatch was posted yesterday afternoon.

At one point, Yon notes:

After the food came the fuel, water and electricity, and each was its own mess, each calling for more “Where is Tonto? Call him!” More “Tontos” emerged and were brought in to the process, each a catalyst to change.

Want to know more about who/what these Tontos are? …

Bread and a Circus (Part I)

Bread and a Circus (Part II)

Totten also has an interview with an interpreter (warning: this interview is not for faint of heart).  The interview gives more background why some Iraqis get involved in planting IEDs etc and what can be done to prevent it.  He also talks about life under Saddam, al Qaeda’s brutality, and his opinion of what will happen if the US leaves right now.

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