South Davis Cities: Pushing Higher Taxes, Fees

North Salt Lake recently shot down the RAP (Recreation, Arts, Parks) Tax – aka forced payment for someone else’s hobby. However, Bountiful, Woods Cross, West Bountiful, and Centerville will be pursuing the tax. As a warning to Farminton residents, proponents (with the Bountiful and Centerville Mayors leading) are coming your way:

Farmington, which had previously not been involved in discussions about the regional theater, recently requested more information from Centerville about the theater. No vote or further discussion has been planned, however.

The most interesting part of the article, for me was:

“This is probably our best shot for a regional performing arts center,” said Bountiful Mayor Joe Johnson. “But what worries me, is that people will see all the tax increases on the ballot and simply vote no to all of them.”

The Bountiful Mayor and the city is fighting the recent County/School District tax increases and valuations (see: here and here) . The above statement gives some background for their motivations (they are worried about their RAP tax). Oh well, while their motivations aren’t pure, at least their fighting the tax.

With respect to the valuations, I’m with DCW on that one! Unless you think the valuation is wrong, focus, solely, on the tax increase! If you do believe the valuation is incorrect, contact the county assessor’s office and they should give you the resources etc you will need to appeal it. Do not gripe to the county commission on the valuation.

Back to the RAP tax. The article notes that in 2007, alone, “…$571,899 in projected RAP tax proceeds…” was projected if the tax was in place (this figure does not include Farmington). That is another half million dollars on of your money beyond the other tax increases (such as the Rec Center – which will soon be far more than the “promised” $35/avg home on your property tax bill) going to government coffers to distribute to their favorite pet projects. Like I said, this is simply forced funding of someone’s hobby/interest.

On to the fees. Woods Cross is looking at pushing a recycling program:

Residents are being invited to attend an open house on curbside recycling on Aug. 21 beginning at 5:30 p.m. in the multipurpose room at city hall, 1555 S. 800 West.

That would tack an additional $3.35/month ($40.20/year) onto your bill. From all appearances (details are lacking), the program would be city-wide (as in forced, with no opt in/opt out option). I also understand that Bountiful City Council has been pitched some sort of curbside recycling program, but don’t know what, if any, decision or comments were made.

If you do want to recycle, I know there are several bins located at grocery stores (usually newspaper) and near city offices – such as near North Salt Lake’s offices (they take plastic, paper and some other stuff). Hardly inconvenient, if you are motivated to recycle.

In other words, please don’t force everyone else to cough up their money and inconvenience for your convenience.


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